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Articles written in my role as an academic at University of Liverpool (2012-2017) and Sheffield Hallam University (2017- ), published by The Conversation and republished globally by online media, including The Ecologist magazine, The Week magazine, Business Insiderphys.orglivescienceSBS media (Australia) and a range of RSS and news feeds.


20/2/17      Oroville dam danger shows how Trump could win big on infrastructure


11/12/14   What did the Romans ever do for us? They left a water warning

05/9/14    Why not change the way you wee to save the world?

01/9/14     Battle for Mosul Dam: a new age of water wars beckons

11/8/14     It’s public attitudes to recycled sewage that need better treatment, not the water

21/7/14     Why are Fukushima engineers creating walls of ice under a contaminated nuclear plant?