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At my Etsy shop you will find a range of limited edition giclée photographic prints, handmade monoprints and inkworks and artisan natural inks from the Sheffield Lakeland.

You can also Buy me a Coffee whenever you like – I’ll email you a high resolution photo or digitised artwork every time to say thanks, and your kindness will help me keep making new art works!


My work orbits around four centres of gravity: the city of Sheffield and its brutalised landscape; the light and air of the West Mayo coast, Ireland; my academic and intellectual engagement with water and its forms; and my love of the complex structures of trees and plants.

My images are often not perfect technically – although I’m working on it – but my primary interest is in content and composition, images which combine immediacy with those fleeting moments of arrangement and stillness in natural systems which are constantly changing and re-forming.

All my work is hosted on Flickr, and you can access a range of themed galleries from the links on this page.

Sheffield // view album
Wild Atlantic, West Mayo, Ireland // view album
Mountain and Air // view album
Water // view album
Reflection // view album
Built // view album
Graphic Environment // view album
Flow // view album
Geometry // view album
Being // view album
Leaf and Tree // view album
Garden // view album
Flower // view album